Parenting Online Workshops

Are you a parent feeling overwhelmed and stressed trying to navigate these uncertain times?  You are not alone.  These are unprecedented times that call us to come together and support one another.  Our webinars focus on ways to offer yourself and your children compassion and grace, while tapping into parents' creativity to strengthen healthy coping, positive communication, and resilience.   Please join Healthy Focus's online workshops with Dr. Karrie Lager, a parent and licensed psychologist with over 15 years experience.  For more information, call us at 818.230.1050.  

Positive Discipline


If we listen closely, our children's behavior is often telling us something....a feeling, need, wish. Learn to listen deeply to better understand your children and respond in a way that models compassion and setting appropriate expectations and limits.  As parents, we can be intentional about how we interact, what we model, and how we discipline with the goal of giving our children the tools to make good choices.  



Helping Kids Cope


We are facing uncertain and challenging times. In response, some children have big, intense feelings and act out, and others may withdraw, experience sleep difficulties, or struggle to complete schoolwork and everyday tasks.  Learn ways to stay connected with your child and to call upon your compassionate side while helping them release their feelings in helpful ways and cope with the new stresses families face.  



Bedtime Battles


Are you exhausted by your child’s dawdling at bedtime? Does your child have nighttime fears or worries that interfere with sleep?Learn tools to maintain a strong bond with your child while helping your child learn ways to self soothe and develop good sleeping habits that last a lifetime. 





Technology Tantrums


Does your child complain that they want more t.v. , phone, tablet time? Learn what child experts recommend for limiting screen time.   Learn ways to monitor and schedule screen time, when it’s best to unplug, and help children easily transition from electronics to other activities.





Mother Working from Home
Working From Home & Parenting


Struggling to balancing working from home with parenting? You are not alone.  Join our workshop to practice some self-compassion and self-care, while learning some practical tips and tools to balance your work and home life. 





Rewards that Work


Each family is unique.  There is no one size fits all for motivating children.  We will talk about different types of reward systems including positive attention, surprise rewards, behavioral charts, and chore charts.  








Parenting can be one of the most beautiful and most challenging roles in our life.  Join our webinar as we practice ways to be mindful that we are not alone in this parenting journey.  Learn and practice ways to celebrate the joys in parenthood, and to be kind and give yourself grace for the hard times.  



More Workshops


At Healthy Focus, we offer additional online parent workshops/webinars including: 


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