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Parenting Online Workshops

Our workshops focus on ways to offer yourself and your children compassion and grace, while tapping into parents' creativity to strengthen healthy coping, positive communication, and resilience.   Please join Healthy Focus's online educational workshops with Dr. Karrie Lager, a parent and licensed psychologist with over 20 years experience. Find the perfect workshop for you and sign up today for our waitlist. 

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Positive Parenting Workshop


In this educational workshop, we give parents the tools to strengthen positive and respectful family communication, healthy coping skills, and appropriate limits and boundaries.  We focus on how to support your child's social and emotional health and to encourage more cooperative family interactions.


You will gain valuable tips and tools on how to increase: 

  • Respectful and positive family communication

  • Joyful and playful family connection

  • Coping skills and emotional regulation

  • Positive discipline and effective limits

We will discuss particular challenges that your family might have around morning routines, bedtime, technology, homework, sibling rivalry, defiance, etc.

*Dr. Karrie is certified as a PC-CARE provider and trainer from UC DAVIS CAARE Center.  

*Please note that this workshop is for parents only, and includes the educational component of PC-CARE.  If you are interested in parent-child coaching, please ask us about our PC-CARE coaching program. 



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SPACE Parent Education Group
Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions


SPACE stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions.  


In this educational workshop, parents are given techniques and specific strategies to help reduce their child's  anxiety, OCD, or other related challenges.  

We empower you, the parent, to calmly and confidently stick to a parenting plan proven to reduce children's anxiety. The two main features of this program include:


1. Learning how to respond supportively to your anxious child.  


2. Learning how to reduce the accommodations to children's anxiety. 

*Dr. Karrie is a SPACE provider, trained by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center.  

*Please note that this workshop is for parents only, and includes the educational component of SPACE treatment.  If you are interested in 1:1 SPACE treatment parent sessions, please ask us about our SPACE treatment program. 



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Mindful Parenting Workshop 


Parents, are you feeling burnt out? Does it sometimes feel like you are just going through the motions but not feeling particularly connected and joyful? Parenting can be one of the most beautiful and most challenging roles in our life.  


Join our workshop as we practice ways to be mindful that we are not alone in this parenting journey.  Learn and practice ways to celebrate the joys in parenthood, and to be kind and give yourself grace for the hard times.  

Our mindfulness workshops support you on your parenting journey to:

  • Be a more present parent

  • Embody calm and confidence

  • Be more compassionate toward yourself and your children

  • Savor the small moments

  • Embrace joy and connection

*Dr. Karrie is a certified mindfulness educator from MCT.  


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