Child and Adolescent Therapy


Play & Art Therapy


Oftentimes, children may express their thoughts and feelings more easily through toys and art instead of words.  If we listen closely, our children share their dreams, hopes, fears, worries, anger, and other feelings through play. Play can also hold the key to helping children work through difficult feelings and experiences and to find solutions. Our therapists use a playful and creative approach to teaching children new coping strategies, to build their self confidence, and to help them appropriately express their thoughts and feelings.



Individual Talk Therapy 


We offer children and teens a safe place to share their problems, process their thoughts and feelings, and to build their coping resources and communication skills. Our therapists incorporate evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and offer concrete skills for children to practice in session and at home. We often see children and adolescents with a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, ADHD, high functioning Autism, oppositional behaviors, and PTSD.  We also help gifted children and those in the performing arts.  Even in individual treatment, we encourage parents involvement in developing treatment goals and reinforcing their children's skill-building outside of the sessions.  

Family Therapy


At some point, many parents feel stuck and uncertain how to best help their child. Through a colloboration, our therapists help guide your family through the difficult times. We focus on building upon your families' strengths and practicing tools to improve coping, problem solving, and healthy communication.  Depending upon your family's goals, our therapists can utilize traditional talk therapy, mindfulness, play therapy, and/or art therapy in the family sessions. For families with young children, we offer Parent Child Interaction Therapy.  In PCIT, we work with parents who would like extra hands on support on how to strengthen their children's social and emotional health.