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Online Child Therapy 


Play & Art Therapy


Oftentimes, children may express their thoughts and feelings more easily through toys and art instead of words.  If we listen closely, our children share their dreams, hopes, fears, worries, anger, and other feelings through play. Play can also hold the key to helping children work through difficult feelings and experiences and to find solutions. Our therapists use a playful and creative approach to teaching children new coping strategies, to build their self confidence, and to help them appropriately express their thoughts and feelings. We specialize in working with children ages 1 to 10 years old and their parents. 



Parent Child Interaction Therapy


Through a collaboration, we focus on building upon your families' strengths and practicing tools to improve coping, problem solving, and healthy communication.  We offer Parent Child Interaction Therapy.  

We work with parents who would like extra hands on support on how to strengthen their children's social and emotional health and to increase more cooperative and positive family interactions.  

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