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Parent Child CARE (PC-CARE)

PC-CARE provides in-the-moment parent and child coaching designed to increase children’s cooperative behaviors, reduce parenting stress, and encourage more joyful, positive, and cooperative family time. 

Curious Girl
What are the benefits of PC-CARE
  • Gentle, kind, & calm behavior

  • Better listening skills & ability to focus

  • Easier mealtimes, morning times, & bedtime routines

  • Smoother transitions

  • More smiling, affection, and family closeness

Ages 1 to 10
Who is right for PC-CARE


The PC-CARE program has been researched and designed for children ages 1 to 10 years old and their parents.   PC-CARE is effective with children experiencing typical developmental challenges such as not listening, as well as with children experiencing more intense disruptive behaviors and developmental challenges.   It can help families adjusting to a life change such as a new school, move, birth of a sibling, or divorce.

Young Family
How long is PC-CARE treatment? 


PC-Care includes 1 pre-treatment appointment, 6 parent-child coaching sessions and a 1 month follow up.  PC-CARE sets the foundation for more joyful, cooperative family interactions.  Families learn how to incorporate the skills into their daily lives to facilitate more positive family interactions even after treatment is completed!  

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