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Teacher Training


At Healthy Focus, we understand the essential role that teachers play in children's lives. Teachers passionately dedicate their time and energy to helping our children learn reading, writing, and arthimetc...and the list goes on.  They also have a strong influence over teaching our children social skills, conflict resolution, persistance, frustration tolerence, collaboration, coping skills, etc.  We offer creative, interactive online teacher trainings, consultation, and workshops to support teachers as they nuture our little ones.   Check out our online programs below: 

Teacher Child Interaction Training


TCIT is an innovative teacher training program offering teachers in-the-moment coaching to foster children's social, emotional, and early academic skills.  Teachers will learn evidence-based skills to facilitate social emotional learning and a more cooperative classroom.  The TCIT program includes classroom assessment of strengths and goals, teacher workshops, and in-the-moment classroom coaching.   TCIT is based largely on Parent Child Interaction Therapy, which has been extensively researched and proven to decrease children's disruptive behaviors and strengthen attachment.   


For more information on TCIT training options, please contact us. 

Teacher Workshops


Healthy Focus professionals have over 18 years experience providing teacher in-services and workshops to daycares, preschools, & elementary schools. We can tailor the workshop according to your school's needs, vision, and strengths. The following is a list of some of the most popular workshops:  


  • Creating a Calm and Collaborative Online Classroom

  • Managing Disruptive Child Behaviors

  • Colloborating with Parents

  • Nuturing Social, Emotional, & Academic Learning

  • Self-care for Teachers: Doing What you Love while Taking Care of You

  • Nurturing the Anxious and Shy Child

  • Secure Attachments 

  • Happiness and Motivation: Happy Teacher. Happy Student. Happy Learning.

Classroom Consultations


Our professionals provide classroom consultations including student and classroom observations, feedback on strengths and needs, recommendations for interventions, and assessment of outcomes.  Many schools identify the following goals for their classroom consultations: 


  • Decrease disruptive classroom behaviors

  • Prevent school suspensions and expulsions

  • Enhance teamwork, sharing, and cooperation

  • Reduce teacher stress and burnout

  • Reinforce teachers' strengths, creativity, and expertise

  • Enhance positive parent-teacher communication 



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