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Workshops and Continuing Education 

Happy laughing asian kid girl with polar bear toy and lollipop candy stands on purple back
Self-regulation in Children: Putting Research into a Playful Practice
1 CE Credits


During this innovative workshop, we will examine the latest research and discuss playful and practical steps to promote children’s self-regulation. Through case examples, we will discuss culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate ways to encourage co-regulation for children and parents.

Kid's learning inspiration world in science education with girl child's imagination doodle
The Art & Science of CBT: Helping Kids with Anxiety
5 CE Credits

During this fun and interactive workshop series, we explore effective and engaging CBT tools for helping children alleviate anxiety. We will examine the latest research and practice playful CBT interventions that you can teach children with ease and confidence. 


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Up to 16 CE Credits

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment proven to effectively reduce children's disruptive behaviors and decrease parenting stress.  Our PCIT trainees learn coaching techniques that strengthen the parent-child relationship, while providing parents with the confidence to implement calm and consistent parenting strategies.  



"I had the honor to be trained by Dr. Lager from 2013 to 2014. She is knowledgable, professional, well prepared, and incredibly easy to work with. She embodies the PCIT skills that we teach our caregivers such as focusing on what I did well and provided labeled praises for those things. Learning a new intervention was overwhelming at times, and she made me feel capable and supported. Her parallel style of training made me not only see the results of PCIT, but also helped me feel and experience the power of it. Dr. Lager was generous with her teachings, sharing helpful “tricks” that only a seasoned trainer could provide. I continue to consult with Karrie and consider her a mentor and an expert in the field. I feel lucky to have been trained by Dr. Lager and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning about PCIT."


"Karrie Lager and I completed our training requirements in PCIT in 2007 while working together at Children's Institute Incorporated.  I had the opportunity to work closely with her in the PCIT setting, as both clinicians, and later as trainers in the model.  Dr. Lager is a highly skilled clinician and trainer, has an excellent reputation with both clients and the community at large, and is warm, compassionate and thorough in her approach.  Dr. Lager would be a valuable asset to any agency looking to train their clinicians in the model of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy or PC-CARE."


Karena Lee, LMFT

"In 2018-2019 I had the pleasure of training under Dr. Lager in order to get my PCIT trainer of trainees (ToT) certification. Dr. Lager’s warmth and direction helped me to learn and practice the skills needed to become a more skilled PCIT therapist and ToT. She was generous in her praise of strengths while thoughtful and thorough in her feedback regarding areas of improvement. She is not only an expert in the practice of PCIT but a masterful trainer and consultant."

Paula Strauss, Psy.D.

Ashley Labistour, LMFT

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