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Professional Training

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Do you work with children ages 1 to 10 in person or through telehealth? Parent Child Care (PC-CARE) providers coach parents and young children in the moment on ways to build positive communication, increase cooperative family time, and strengthen coping and resilience. Our PC-CARE trainees learn how to effectively coach families through real life challenges that often occur during mealtime, bedtime, chores, schoolwork, sibling conflict, etc.   Join Dr. Karrie Lager, a UC Davis Training Partner, for a fun and interactive online PC-CARE training experience. 

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Professional Workshops 

Join us in 2022 for some exciting new workshops designed just for you - the busy therapist looking to deepen your clinical skills and connect with like minded professionals. 

Find out more about our upcoming professional workshops: 

-Coaching Emotional Regulation Skills 

-PC-CARE Phase 1: Skill Building Workshop

-PCIT Advanced Coaching Skills Workshops


Stacking Blocks

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment proven to effectively reduce children's disruptive behaviors and decrease parenting stress.  Our PCIT trainees learn coaching techniques that strengthen the parent-child relationship, while providing parents with the confidence to implement calm and consistent parenting strategies.  

If you work with children ages 2-7 with disruptive behaviors and want to learn effective and proven interventions, check out our PCIT training. 




"Karrie is the BEST PCIT trainer. I had the honor to be trained by her from 2013-2014. She is knowledgable, professional, well prepared, and incredibly easy to work with. She embodies the PCIT skills that we teach our caregivers such as focusing on what I did well and provided labeled praises for those things. Learning a new intervention was overwhelming at times, and she made me feel capable and supported. Her parallel style of training made me not only see the results of PCIT, but also helped me feel and experience the power of it. Karrie was generous with her teachings, sharing helpful “tricks” that only a seasoned trainer could provide. I continue to consult with Karrie and consider her a mentor and an expert in the field. I feel lucky to have been trained by Dr. Lager and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning about PCIT."


— Paula Strauss, Psy.D.

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